Astoria Gloria SAE 2 Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Machine
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Astoria Gloria SAE 2 Automatic Espresso/Cappuccino Machine

Item #: 100209
Astoria’s Gloria SAE 2 is the automatic espresso/cappuccino machine for the professional specialty coffee retail operator.  Chosen for its performance, reliability and quality craftsmanship, it can withstand the demand of the busiest coffee shop or the traffic of a large restaurant.

This model can dispense six different coffee dosages from each brewing head and is also equipped with an independent semiautomatic override switch for each group. Real max. production capability: 480 espresso servings per hour on the 2-group machine.  Available in a two or three group configuration in black & stainless steel.  Two group machine heating element 4500W and boiler size of 12 quarts.  Three group machine heating element is 5000W and boiler size of 18 quarts.  Optional autosteamer available on both two and three group machines for an upcharge. Requires direct connection to water line & dedicated 220V outlet.