Meat Prep

AE-T12S Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizers are part of the American Eagle© comprehensive line of heavy-duty, high-quality machines. These machines feature an attractive, compact design and exceptional reliability. These meat tenderizers are ideal for open kitchens, front-end meat operations, butchers, hunters, and other food service professionals. Examples of meats that are ideal for these machines include skirt steak, boneless chuck steak, various round steaks, chicken breast meat, flank steak, venison, stir-fry meat, and much more. These tenderizers offer the largest steak size (capacity) on the market. They are able produce delicious, tender results from tougher cuts of meat and require virtually no additional prep time, making them ready in seconds. Form and shape is maintained for cooking, delivering an efficient product at bottom-line savings.


AE-HP100 Hamburger Press

With an American Eagle© hamburger patty press, you can make perfect, consistent patties in seconds, from a wide range of products including poultry, bison, venison, sausage, beef, vegetable meal, crab, and more. These machines will save you time and money by reducing the labor required to hand-form patties. You will also save by ensuring portion control with size consistency and will be able to add profit-generating offerings to your menu by expanding your kitchen tools.